Push pull folding system

Push pull open Push pull fold

What is the PD gate?

PD push-pull folding system consists of three panels, that is, an additional panel is added on the basis of PD system. As shown in the figure, the operation mode is to push and pull the P door panel to one side of the D door panel, and the PD door panel is folded 90 degrees with the third door panel. The push-pull folding of three doors can prevent the wind from swinging, effectively ensure that the first door will not slide out, and realize the minimum folding thickness of three doors in the market。


Push and fold, spacious space

1、Push can satisfy people's convenience

        Fold - realize barrier free 100% full opening

2、The perfect combination of push-pull and folding makes the push-pull fan not easy to run out and shake, improving the system stability

3、Unilateral storage, more space saving, furniture placement, more flexibility

4、After the opening of similar products on the market, the thickness of the door leaf is only 2 layers (90mm)

5、It is 2 times of ordinary sliding door and 1.5 times of triple action door

Three door operation mode:

推拉效果.jpg 折叠效果.jpg 推拉门效果图 (37)3.jpg
Push pull effec Folding effect Full open effect

Six door operation mode:

03- (1).jpg 03- (2).jpg 03- (3).jpg
Close effect Push pull effec Full open effect