PDVS Brand


PDVS home technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of PD doors, dedicated to the production of practical doors and windows to solve space problems, headquartered in Singapore。

Through many years of service experience in the door and window market, we have learned the needs of developers, designers and owners for indoor space. We have developed a new PD door system, which ingeniously combines sliding doors with swing doors. The two compatible doors have the advantages of space saving, trackless, 180 degree full opening, safety and durability, simple operation and other functional advantages. It is more suitable for modern home furnishings Design。

We are adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, to provide the market with high-quality international indoor door and window products, the company continues to launch, PD System push-pull folding series, open door and window integration series, room "L" type partition series, PD system extremely narrow wardrobe series, giving interior design more room for change。  

PD door corporate culture

Vision: PD door will become the leading brand of China's interior doors and windows, lead people into a new era of intelligent interior doors and windows, and make people's life more convenient and comfortable

Mission: to provide creative and competitive products and services, continuously create the maximum value and space for customers, and create a better life and opportunities for all employees and families

Values: achieve customers, be open and enterprising, work together, be honest and responsible, focus on quality