PDVS wardrobe 10 series

PDVS wardrobe 10 series


PDVS wardrobe 10 series

● New patent. Push-pull or flat-open wardrobe door

1. The first patented product in China.

2. Currently, the only narrow frame wardrobe door on the market that can be pushed and pulled and can be opened horizontally, with 10mm frame

3, the door can be opened, storage, selection of clothing more convenient

4. Products are serialized, we can make two fans, three fans, four fans, five fans and six fans according to customers' requirements.

Below circumstance: the ark of the head of a bed is encountered by the client when door leaf is opened, can do 3 series, do slide to move the door namely, another 2 can push pull level open the door

5, invisible hinge structure, more safe and practical, switch anti - pinch hand, especially in the home with children more applicable

6. Compared with the traditional sliding door, the track at the bottom of this product is narrower, occupying less space, and the storage space in the cabinet is increased by 10%-20% compared with the traditional sliding door