Kitchen Series

Kitchen Series


Kitchen Series

Provide the most professional kitchen space solutions

1, close, block lampblack, and convenient maintenance, clean

2. When it is opened, there is no center column, no ground rail, and no damage to existing furniture or floor

3, 100% open, become the bar, give you a variety of life fun

4. Open the kitchen to extend the space, which is the first choice for small families and the kitchen space solution

5. Choose the best design for more than 50 combined structures

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1. Minimum flat area, saving space, increasing range of activities, and increasing flexibility of furniture

2. Simple operation, few steps, small action, one-hand operation, suitable for old and young

3. No ground rail design, no obstacles on the ground, no tripping, no accumulation of dirt, easy to clean, easy access to the wheelchair

4. Endurance test, Germany's SUd group adhere to 150,000 switches - pass

5. International brand, international r&d team, 100% international import of core accessories, international quality

6. Easy installation, low installation requirements, suitable for installation on various walls or door frames.