To fold (three doors) by push-pull.

To fold (three doors) by push-pull.


To fold (three doors) by push-pull.

PD - 568-3/6

Suitable for: kitchen, room partition, indoor balcony, office

1. PDVS series 70 push-pull folds

2, titanium magnesium alloy profile thickness of 1.4mm

3, unilateral push-pull folding, 90 degree flat against the wall

4, 100% fully open, open area is much higher than the same market

Sliding door, linkage door

5. Hollow hanging rail is equipped with no requirement for the top surface. The middle column is thickened and stressed

Improved, invisible hidden lock, beautiful and improve stability

6. Suggested size: 3 fans: 1600mm X 2400mm

6 fans: 3200mm X 2400mm