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What is a PD gate?

PD door is a door and window, an international brand, a way of opening and closing, a space solution, and more importantly, an attitude towards life, changing the same, exploring and innovating constantly

推拉门效果图 (24).jpg 推拉门效果图 (24)2.jpg 推拉门效果图 (24)3.jpg
推拉效果 平开效果



1. Minimum flat area, saving space, increasing range of activities, and increasing flexibility of furniture

2. Simple operation, few steps, small action, one-hand operation, suitable for old and young

3. No ground rail design, no obstacles on the ground, no tripping, no accumulation of dirt, easy to clean, easy access to the wheelchair

4. Endurance test, Germany's SUd group adhere to 150,000 switches - pass

5. International brand, international r&d team, 100% international import of core accessories, international quality

6. Easy installation, low installation requirements, suitable for installation on various walls or door frames.