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Push-pull folding doors with advantages and components

Push-pull folding door - Introduction to push-pull folding door composition

Folding door is mainly composed of door frame, door fan, transmission parts, jib parts, transmission rod, directional device and so on.The door type can be installed indoors or outdoors.Door of every door door has 4 doors, side door door, door door each two.Edge on one side of the door leaf frame and are connected by a hinge between the door leaf and side door leaf, respectively, up and down the other side of the door Ting end is equipped with upper and lower shaft, shaft connected to gate frame shaft seat up and down, side door Ting will rotate around the side Ting, at the same time promote the door leaf rotated 90 °, so that the doors opened and closed, electric, on a shaft end install jib parts, transmission parts, the upper door frame installation transmission among components and open the door machine;The middle door leaf is provided with orientation device.After the operation of the door opener, the two gears of each transmission unit are driven to rotate, and the two rack teeth are in linear motion. The other end of the rack is connected with the rotary arm, which is in circular motion. The side door frame is rotated around one handspike, and the door fan is opened by electric power.The safety protection device is installed in the middle seam of the two doors. When there is an obstacle, the door will return to the full open state, which is safe and reliable.

Push-pull folding doors - Introduction to the advantages of push-pull folding doors

With beautiful and generous, novel style, diverse colors. Easy to use, push and pull freely, effectively save the space occupied by the door.Folding door with light weight, heat insulation, moisture proof, fire retardant, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other chemical stability.It is free from lampblack, easy to clean, and not easy to change color. It is also suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.Has been widely used in office, workshop, and large area of insulation, pest control, dust, shelter and isolation applications.